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The Most Successful Shows in Broadway History

Having a successful show on Broadway is a daunting task. If a show has a run of over five thousand performances, it is considered an epic feat. There have been four shows that have actually beaten that performance record and have had runs of over six thousand performances.

"A Chorus Line" opened on Broadway on July 25, 1975. With music written by the great Marvin Hamlisch and lyrics by Edward Kleban, it is the story of dancers auditioning for spots in a Broadway show. What better story line for a successful Broadway show than one about a Broadway show. The show closed on April 28, 1990 after 6,137 performances.

"Les Miserables" is a musical based on the book of the same name by Victor Hugo. The story is based in France during the 19th century. It opened on March 12, 1987 and has been a favorite ever since. The prayerful song "Bring Him Home" makes for a powerful touching moment in the show. "Les Miserables" closed on May 18, 2003, having 6,680 performances. You can see the film adaptation with on demand offerings from

The musical "Cats" has long been a favorite. It is the second longest running show on Broadway, and it is no wonder, with the haunting tune, "Memory" in its repertoire. That tune is now considered a classic. Composed by Andrew Lloyd Weber, it is based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. It opened on Broadway on October 7, 1982. Not only did the show surpass the six thousand performance mark, it also surpassed seven thousand performances. It closed on September 10, 2000, having 7,485 performances.

The brilliance of Andrew Lloyd Weber continues to give him success on Broadway. Not only does he have the second most successful show on Broadway, he also composed the most successful show. That show is none other than "Phantom of the Opera." The show opened on Broadway on January 26, 1988 and is the haunting tale of a disfigured musician with an obsession for a rising opera star. It is still currently running, and has had over 10,000 performances, making its success unsurpassed.

The Best Broadway Plays Of All Time And What Made Them Memorable

Broadway shows are entertaining and exciting. However, only a few of them have turned out to be extremely successful and profitable. Mary Poppins was definitely a hit. It grossed a total of 169.1 million. It is a play that has run since 2006. It continues to play in theaters from time to time. Hairspray was also successful, grossing 252.2 million with over 2,000 performances. Hairspray started in 2002 and stopped production in 2009. There was a movie made of the play.

Rent was a successful play that continued on over a decade. It began in 1996 and officially ended in 2006. It made a total of 274.2 million and a movie was made from the play. The most successful Broadway play of all time is The Phantom of the Opera. It has been running for the past two decades, from 1988 to present. It has grossed a total of 770.0 million. The Phantom of the Opera has also won many Tony Awards. The Lion King is a runner-up as the leading Broadway play. Adults and children cannot get enough of this play, which has been running since 1997. The Lion King grossed 699.1 million and has also won a total of six Tony Awards.The information party rocks on: Photo Flash: Phillip Boykin, Gary Mauer and Elizabeth Southard Perform at GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY! in Morristown

The Most Popular Venues In Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is widely regarded as one of the biggest cultural, arts and entertainment hubs in all of North America, and millions of travelers plan a vacation around visits to major landmarks and city every year. Here are a few of them, in no particular order.

The Viper Room

Located along the iconic Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, The Viper Room has been the place to see and be seen for the last two decades. Literally hundreds of Hollywood celebrities have tipped glasses in the legendary club, which is nestled snugly between two other businesses and painted entirely matte black.

The Staples Center

Home of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, as well as the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, The Staples Center is the location at which most of the top-flight entertainment in Los Angeles unfolds. The floor can be readjusted to suit several different performances, including live music, live theater and even motocross.

The Nokia Theater

Located right across the street from The Staples Center, The Nokia Theater is home to some of the most exclusive gatherings in any calendar year. It's large front gathering area is available for great photo shots when it is not being occupied during event s such as the ESPY Awards and Emmy Awards.

The Greatest Shakespeare Plays Of All Time

He has been a "hit" for over 400 years now. In the world of the live theater there has never been a playwright remotely as successful, and his work is taught in both literature classes as well as performing arts classes in pretty much every school in the world. William Shakespeare is the world's most influential playwright with nobody else as a close second. His very greatest works may not be the most popular or the most well-known, but even to make such an obvious argument is to invite stirring up contention and debate. There are a few things that we can be clear on with confidence, and one of them is that the saga of "Hamlet" is very near if not at the very top of the list of his greatest plays. Such a list, if it could be confidently compiled at all, must also include "Macbeth", his fascinating foray into the supernatural, and it also would not be complete without mentioning "Romeo and Juliet" which is the most crowd pleasing of all of his works, if not generally regarded as his best. The cobra and the mongoose game which has been the basis of the battle between the sexes throughout all of history has never been made more hilarious than Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" remains a true classic, and the definitive analysis of the differences between men and women.

Plays That Changed The World And What Made Them Great

Plays That Changed The World And What Made Them Great

As a child William Shakespeare probably saw plays that had the theme of mystery or miracle. Most of the time it was based on prompting the characters to choose good from evil. The Medieval mystery plays developed during the 10th to 16th century. Very soon they became obsolete with the rise of professional theater.

Plays have come and gone through history but Shakespeare has the reputation for being the most outstanding in the English language. His interpretation of tragedy, history, and comedy have been performed all around the world. Check out this link here. The plays shaped literature in the Elizabethan era and play a dominant role in entertainment today.

Changing the world through literature, Shakespeare taught people to trust what they cannot see. His inspiration challenges the world through the classroom today to think for themselves and develop philosophies. Radical change was an idea that he pursued in his writings, especially in the idea that love can conquer and destroy.

William Shakespeare will always be well-known for his most popular play about two young star-crossed lovers. The tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet bring feuding families together. This is the play of the century.

Why People Should Go To Plays And Watch Them Perform

Plays are wonderful to experience, and many people make sure to watch a few of the biggest plays several times a year. There are so many plays that are being played across the globe, but some people just don't get the meaning on why they should actually watch several plays in person.

The performing arts is a beautiful part of society. Whether it's the music or the acting, plays are beautiful ways to enjoy different stories and music live in person. It is also a very convenient way to get away from your ordinary life and enjoy all kinds of new performances from up and coming actors. It is highly recommended that you watch a few plays every year, but you should still choose wisely. You may end up watching a very boring play that doesn't suit your lifestyle.

Most people avoid plays because they chose the wrong ones in the past. Those who are into action should look for plays that are more action related rather than watching a religious play.

Plays were made to showcase different stories portrayed right on stage. Plays are the perfect way to watch new stories come to life and enjoy live performances in a professional setting.

The Phantom Of The Opera On Broadway

The Phantom Of The Opera is a beautiful broadway show that has been on stage in various countries for plenty of years. The original broadway show has been in existence since 1986, and it has now take worldwide tours stopping by countries all over the world. After receiving numerous Tony awards and recognition in the musical world, this broadway show is one of the best in the world right now. The show itself has grossed more than 5.1 billion in sales since its original release date, and it has also been said to be the most successful opera show financially in the history of broadway.

Broadway musicals are wonderful to witness. New York City is very famous for their wide range of broadway shows. The Phantom Of The Opera is the 1 broadway show in history. The show is still showing until today, and they are constantly performing worldwide to showcase the show's beautiful story. Despite so many shows out there in this world, this broadway still remains to be the best. Those who enjoy musicals and broadway shows in general should look into visiting New York City since the top musicals are always shown in NYC. It is a broadway fans' dream to visit New York City and experience the wonderful shows that are still running.The hits keep comin': Broadway Actress Ignites Firestorm After Bashing Amy Adams Musical

The Best Performing Arts Plays Of 2012

There are plenty of performing arts plays in this world, and it is definitely true that some of the world's best plays are those that have open runs. With the wide variety of shows there are in this world, there are some plays that have to be watched. The plays in this article have been very well received by critics and fans alike.


Wicked is a beautiful show that definitely deserves to be one of the best plays in the world today. Wicked is a story that showcases the story of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz showing her real self and how she isn't exactly as wicked as other people believe her to be.

Mary Poppins

The original film from Disney was very wonderful to watch, and thousands of families have enjoyed the film. It has now become a complete musical and currently has an open run in New York City. The entire show is just as beautiful as the movie, and those looking for a nice way to enjoy some Disney fun should check this show out.

Do you want to enjoy some of the most respected broadway shows from this 2012? Check out the broadway shows above and enjoy wonderful music and acting in the wonderful New York City.